Numbats are under serious threat of extinction in the wild. Breeding and release programs are key elements in their continued survival. However, raising awareness is an essential part of generating support amongst the public for these programs. Don’t let apathy and ignorance lead to the Numbats downfall.

Your donation will go towards continuing Project Numbat’s public awareness about Numbats and their threats, and will enhance our on-the-ground programs.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible within Australia.

Make a Donation Online (PayPal) by clicking “Donate” on the right-hand menu.

To make a donation to Project Numbat via direct debit, please make cheques or money orders payable to Project Numbat Incorporated or for direct deposit, use the following details:

Numbat Conservation Fund
Bank: Westpac
Branch: South Perth, Western Australia
BSB: 036 308
Account Number: 256 381

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