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Have you seen a Numbat in the wild? Then we’d like to hear from you.

All sightings are important. Please download the Department of Environment and Conservation’s Fauna Sightings Form (doc), fill it in and send it to DEC. If you like, you can also send us a copy and it will be profiled on our website and in our newsletters. Alternatively, add some of the information as a comment below and it will appear on our website.

Numbat in Boyagin. Photo by Tamara Wilkes-Jones.


Time and Date: 4:20pm, 1 March 2009
Location: Seaton Ross Road, near Manjimup
Numbat Activity: Sitting on a log for about 6 minutes, only 15 metres away.
From: Dennis Rhodes

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  1. Gina says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I spotted a Numbat on the 1/04/2012 in Woodlands just after 10.30pm. The Numbat was sighted near a kerb coming out of a small patch of bushland and was about to cross the road at Rosewood Ave, between Princess Road and Parramatta Rd. Fortunately for my sister and I were lucky enough not to have run the Numbat over. There is alot of Tuart trees and bushland reserves in this area which combines Woodlands, Wembley Downs, Scarborough & Churchlands.
    I believe the Numbat may have come from the bushland reserve situated next to the Hale High School or Newman College, as there is lots of Tuart trees in this location.

    I telephoned the City of Stirling and asked to speak to a Ranger and was told that the Ranger would phone me back regarding my sighting. It has now been nearly 2 months since I made the call.

    I got a clear shot of the Numbat and it definately was not a possum, as I my sister has also seen them up close in the wild. Would appreciate if you could look into this matter.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Adrian Stage says:

    I think I saw a numbat in my back garden in Roseville Sydney. At approximately 7pm the animal dropped out of a tree and ran rapidly a cross the lawn. Pointed nose and bushy tail sticking up. Too dark to see the markings.


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