Project Numbat Schools Program

The Project Numbat Primary School program focuses on the Numbat and other Australian native animals. It includes a presentation with accompanying lesson plan and a teacher and student resource package.

Teachers can use the detailed lesson plan provided to deliver the presentation component themselves or request for a Project Numbat volunteer to visit the school, deliver the presentation and interact in person with the student group.

The resource package includes a variety of cross-curricular tasks for use before and after the presentation and ensures key learning concepts are developed over a range of varied learning experiences.

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This program can only be used for non-commercial purposes. All copyright remains with Project Numbat Incorporated.

Junior Primary School Program

Middle/Upper Primary School Program

Looking for a Project Numbat volunteer to speak at your school?

While the Project Numbat Education Package is designed so teachers can present the material themselves, we can provide a Project Numbat volunteer to visit your school, deliver the presentation and facilitate discussions on-site with students. Please note they are not all trained teachers, though all have experience working within the education field and all have current Working with Children status.

Donations are warmly welcomed.

Numbats in your School

Have you used the Project Numbat schools program? We’d love to see some of your work, especially if you’ve taken it further than what we have provided. Email us with photos and a description as we’d love to include it on our website.


If you would like to request a speaker, provide feedback or have any questions about the education package, please email